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Weight loss surgery nutrition (before, during and after)
Type 2 Diabetes nutrition

Providing Online Dietitian
Video Telehealth Consultations

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Bariatric Nutrition Services

More than 25,000 Australian’s undergo weight loss surgery each year. Having this type of surgery can put you at risk of Nutritional deficiencies. With our support and guidance you can avoid these and optimise your nutritional health and sustain lifestyle changes.

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Diabetes Nutrition Services

Chronic conditions such as type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure and high cholesterol can affect people differently. With some conditions being preventable, and managing risk factors, you can optimise your health. When they are developed seeking the right support and guidance to help you manage these conditions with your lifestyle is essential.

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Malnutrition Services

If you have had a recent hospital admission, or going into hospital, had some type of surgery or in a at risk category (cancer diagnosis, an older Australian or unable to maintain a steady weight) you may be at risk of malnutrition, or even be underweight.

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Welcome to Dietitian Services Online

Online Dietitian video telehealth consultations are available from anywhere in Australia using an easy one click link to video-conferencing. No need to download any apps or software. Special area’s of interest include weight loss surgery (before and after), Very low calorie diets, nutrition for certain surgical conditions, gut disorders (IBS/IBD crohns/colitus/coeliac disease), malnutrition (or being thin or frail, but does not include eating disorders), Type 2 diabetes and other conditions associated with this.

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Craig Franklin

Accredited Practising Dietitian (APD) – Principle owner

Craig is an Australian based clinical dietitian, health professional and health coach with over 20 years experience in clinical dietetics in Australia and the UK.

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University Qualified

Masters degree in nutrition and dietetic’s,
qualified professional.


Video Call Advice

Easy one click connection, high level of privacy
and security with calls. No apps needed.


Expert Dietary Advice

Experienced within public and private
hospitals, private practice and telehealth
services. Emailed resources.


Accredited Practising Dietitian

Secure payment processing. Private Health
fund and medicare rebates available.

Our Services

We can support you to optimise your nutritional health across a variety of area’s If you have had or considering weight loss surgery, have a chronic health condition or
have risk factors such as being overweight have high blood pressure, high cholesterol, diabetes we can support you to manage these conditions. Being underweight or
at risk of undernutrition is another key area that we can optimise your nutritional health in whether you have been in hospital or had certain types of surgeries or have
a condition that has affected your appetite. Book your appointment online and see our services page.

You don’t need a referral to see a dietitian but it may be helpful if you have complex conditions.
If you don’t have a referral (self referral) you can book online straight away, or if you have a specialist referral , these can also be uploaded or sent prior to having your appointment.
You can also book online straight away for these referrals.
If you have seen a dietitian in a hospital and have a nutrition / hospital discharge summary this can also be uploaded and can be very helpful. You can also book online straight away.
Please note: If you have a GP plan referral (chronic disease management (CDM) MBS item number 10954, for use with the medicare rebate process, these need to be uploaded by you or your referring GP prior to booking your telehealth appointment online, to claim the rebate.
See FAQ for more details.


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